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Company Profile

Shivalik Seeds Corporation has been dealing since early eighties in supplying a wide range of Plant Seeds and Live Material pertaining to Forestry Agro-forestry, Horticultural and Ornamental interests, besides Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs and has played a vital role in enhancing the cause of Research and Environment Conservation on global basis by acting as a source of supplier of reliable seeds from India to various Govt. and Private organizations engaged in research and introduction of Indian plants into the country of their work.

Our supreme motto is to supply high-grade seeds, which are harvested under our direct supervision from disease free trees only. We also adhere to rigorous standard of the technical quality of seeds and check it by means of the acknowledged test methods for purity and reliability.

We are pleased to inform you that our current Seed List which enlists wide range of Plant Seeds is displayed below for your perusal & queries / requirements.

While we endeavor to stock as much as possible and as many seeds as available, it is not possible to have all items listed available at all times due to technical and other unavoidable reasons. The plant seeds have been divided into three categories. The first category includes seeds of short viability (*). The second category includes seeds, which are invariably available throughout the year depending upon their harvest, demand and supply position. Third category of seeds are those, which can be supplied on special request (+). Collection period of first and third category of seeds is given against their names, which have been marked with asterisk (*) and plus (+) sign respectively. Orders for the first and third category of seeds must be placed at least one month before their period of harvest.

We handle inquiries promptly and endeavor to supply even live plants/seeds beside this list on special request. We can also provide information regarding any indigenous plant right from its habitat (soil, climate, topography), source, purity %, germination %, viability, No. of seeds per kg, pre-sowing treatment required if any, sowing season, cultivation, harvesting and economic importance, etc.

We are confident that we have served our customers well in the past and hope to serve even better in the future.

We will appreciate if you can send us the list of Indian plants/seeds in which you may be interested. We will keep your interests in our mind while making collections over here for their seeds and live materials and informing you from time to time about their availability, rate, etc.



1. Name of the seeds marked with asterisk (*) are of short viability and their collection is done on the basis of prior confirmed orders with us, well before their harvest. Order for their supply must be placed at least one month before their harvest time.    

2. Name of the seeds marked with plus (+) can be supplied on special request as we do not collect them on regular basis and their prior confirmed order is necessary before their collection period.

3. The C&F amount will be quoted after knowing the exact quantity of seed you require, mode of shipment and custom port’s name.

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